1. Voltron says:

    What a bummer! CA is the only show I watch every day. The only other show I watch religiously is also in RT . . . Kaiser Report. Best of luck!


    • DK says:

      Thank you.

      • Ross says:

        COME BACK!!!!!! I need something to watch other than KR and abby. How about a) a show about greece, b) the shutdown with congressmen STILL getting paid c) Fracking and how evil it is d) all of the above. Check out my blog

      • Ross says:

        Please COME BACK!!!!!! I need something to watch other than KR and abby. How about a) a show about greece, b) the shutdown with congressmen STILL getting paid c) Fracking and how evil it is d) all of the above. Check out my blog

    • i like that TO you, not FOR you… concatenate to TOR
      i also watched capital account and keiser report religiously; also watched alyona show alot, till that poofed (huff post is horrible… ugh… no words to describe other than … nevermind) I just hope yahoo!finance is not so bad, though msnbc certainly is (they put on a show of trying to be all things to all people, but it doesn’t fly)
      … change is good and i’m sure lauren will shake things up whatever she does
      What is Demetri doing?

  2. Benny says:

    Best wishes Demitri, the show was great.

    • DK says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully there will be more to come in different mediums and forms. In the meanwhile, you can still follow Lauren at YahooFinance, where she will undoubtedly do great work, and I will hopefully be writing on this blog shortly before I announce any moves of my own.

      • pansofgams says:

        But she didn’t bring the glass table pans of her gams with her to Yahoo!! :( …..

        loved your show!!

  3. Aaron G says:

    Best of luck Demetri. It won’t be the same without you.

  4. darren says:

    Dear Demitri, Thank you for such an honest Direct program on economics. i knew nothing about the subject before i started watching CA and the Keiser. your frank views at the end of CA were refreshing.. that was a beautiful tribute to Lauren. please keep us informed on twitter if you produce another show

    • DK says:

      Thank you! I certainly will keep you abreast of my plans. I am happy that you found the show so honest. That means a lot to me.

  5. Noel Parra says:

    All this time I learned a lot, not only about economics also about politics and how the world of the finances works, thanks for all the lessons and wish to have you back soon. Mucha suerte!

  6. Simon says:

    Capital account was awesome… By far the best financial show out there. I hope you will start another one.

    • DK says:

      Thanks Simon. I thought it was the best as well :P

      Hopefully others out there will see that there is opportunity in talking directly to your audience and not disparaging their intelligence. I think CA proved that this can work.

  7. Hugh D says:

    Σας εύχομαι το καλύτερο καθώς πηγαίνετε προς τα εμπρός

  8. Pitchfork says:

    These things ALWAYS workout for the better ! Looking forward to your return , much bigger and better, you can’t keep a good man down

  9. Brent Eamer says:

    Something fishy here. Capital Account asked hard questions, dealt with real issues. I suspect they were bought out or told to shut up. The global financiers did not want the sheeple to see what was happening out there. For this to be cancelled with no explanation reeks

    • Matt G says:

      I am agree with you completely. After watching Capital Account (CA) for about 9 months and knowing about our government, I feel very sad but not as terribly sad as CA is leaving us.

      • DK says:

        Thanks guys. It was a great show, and it’s amazing that we had that type of editorial freedom. It’s never easy to maintain that type of freedom in media, and I think you have to try and adapt and move whenever you feel like you may be on the verge of losing it

  10. Tom says:

    Great show and early on Lauren made it clear that while she might be the star personality, your behind the scenes work made it the success it has become. Good luck with whatever you do.

    • DK says:

      Thank you Tom. Lauren is a star without question. I never could have done this without here, and I don’t just mean the obvious fact that she was the face of the show. I also mean that she taught me so much about TV. I was a blogger and radio host before I came to TV. She taught me a great deal about production quality. She’s a true professional.

  11. Dear Demetri,

    What a loss. I rank Capital Account as one of the most informative “on-trend” financial shows ever to hit the airwaves. It’s a real loss. All the best for continued success.

    Buona fortuna

    • tom dibbs says:

      UNBELIEVABLE LOSS! Please don’t you go too, Gerald.

    • DK says:

      Tante grazie Gerald! You were always in the top ranks for us. If only our audience could have had the pleasure of knowing just how funny you are as well! I’m sure they can imagine, but it really was a pleasure getting to know you during my time producing the show.

  12. Neil MacLeod says:

    Thanks for a great show Demetri (and Lauren, of course). Your sparky repartee was a favorite feature for me, on Loose Change. You have set the bar higher. I hope you will go on to bigger and better things. All the best.

    • DK says:

      Thank you Neil. That’s awesome to know. Lauren and I enjoyed doing Loose Change as well, and we will miss that interaction on TV as well :)

  13. Mlp says:

    So it’s over just when things in the world are headed for a cliff, pardon the pun. Ugh! What are you going to do next? And your audience? Will Lauren be doing something similar? This pretty much sucks. That said great work.

    • DK says:

      Lauren is co-hosting Daily Ticker on YahooFinance! which is a great network and poised to do some great things. I will be posting stuff of hers on this site when I can, and I will hopefully be blogging again soon.

  14. Ed Howes says:

    Connecting the dots. Earlier today I viewed an RT newsclip where the newsperson made the statement “We know the names of the 19 9/11 hijackers”, when only an insider would know if there were any hijackers at all. Then this news from Lauren and Dimitri. As far as I am concerned RT has been secretly purchased by people who do not wish the people to have the kind of information Capital Account presented so well. They call it damage control and it is too late babies!

  15. Steve2323zx says:

    Thank you DK and LL for all the wonderful and informative episodes. Enjoy the big apple!

    • DK says:

      Thanks Steve, and thank you for engaging our show so passionately with your commenting since early on. I can’t even remember how many of your comments I have read.

  16. Chris Sanborn says:

    Hello Lauren,
    Absolutely great show, all I can say is that it will be a shame that I won’t see a new episode. I’m sorry to see you and Demetri go, just terrible. I hope you will post where your show will be seen next, too bad for RT, I think they lost a wonderful team.
    Best Regards

    • DK says:

      Thank you Chris. It’s bittersweet, but Lauren and I are very excited to be back in NY. This is only the beginning!

  17. John Creighton says:

    I loved the show. I hope to see you back on the air somewhere else sometime soon. Best wishes.


    • DK says:

      Thanks John. Lauren is making her debut on YahooFinance! tomorrow. You can watch her there for the time being, but I know that she will be doing many more things in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. I will be writing more on this blog as well, and I will keep you all informed as to what she and I are up to.

  18. Roger says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pleasssssssse! Don’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ken says:

    will miss your show even from down under in OZ

  20. m0 says:

    I can’t believe the show just stops like that. This is very sad news. I feel like you and Lauren had something special with the show that will be very hard to reproduce. You guys were on the cusp of you tube super stardom similar to the young Turks.

    I will miss the Capital Account.

    • DK says:

      Thank you. It’s hard for people to believe, but for the first 9 months of CA’s existence, the show consisted of only Lauren and I, along with a line producer, who interfaced with the control room. The editorial production of the show as done entirely by Lauren and I. We since added another producer, but still, that is three people doing content for a daily, live news show. It is very taxing, and there is only so much you can do with something like this. I am very excited for Lauren, because Yahoo has many more resources, even if there are tradeoffs. There are great things to come for both of us I am sure, and hopefully for all of you in our audience :)

    • Rylan White says:

      Forget youtube, and forget comparing this to TYT. This show was unique.
      Also the fact that I could watch it on TV without turning on a computer or even having an internet connection for a month there (long story!) was very much appreciated on my end.

  21. John Galt says:


    CA was the BEST show on RT, followed by Max.

    I simply cannot believe it is gone.

  22. James says:

    Shocking! One of the most original finance shows ever to hit the airwaves shuts down just when it’s hitting the big time.

    And Lauren goes off to, uh, Yahoo Finance…? Uh, hello…? Yahoo Finance…? 18 months is about all that show has left. Strange…

    Well, the best of luck to you both and to all of the folks that brought us Capital Account!

    • DK says:

      Hi James. Thank you for your good wishes. I think Yahoo has got more than 18 months in it, but the truth is that in this business, the darwinian adage that adaptability is a more formidable trait for survival than intelligence and/or strength, rings true. I think Lauren will do some amazing things with Yahoo, and I think its great that someone like her is moving more into the mainstream media, because she brings a good chip on her shoulder and a great alternative angle. Stations like RT will always give opportunities to young people willing to challenge the status quo, and its great that some of those people can filter into the mainstream but also dilute their boring and establishment angle in the process.

      • James says:

        Sounds like that old Star Trek meme “The Borg” (…you will be assimilated, resistance is futile…).

        Too bad there isn’t an alternative for guys like yourselves. Perhaps that’s a new project down the road for ya? The folks at Sandhill Road would fund it, if pitched correctly. Or crowdfund it from your current fanbase (i.e. Kickstarter). Or a combination of both.

        • Rylan White says:

          So, going from communist funded to capitalist funded basically? That’s obviously an oversimplification, but a funny one, to me anyway.

          I would love to see this show come back on a bigger network.

          I think it would be a bold move to put this on after say…… Good Morning America.
          Like right after they have their 5th glass of wine and everyone over @ NBC is all sauced and talking about gluten free napkin rings and whatever new boyband is out, hit em with the Capital Account for a cold wake-up call.

  23. Sebastian says:

    Not much to add to everything that has been said here already. Thanks for the amazing show and updating us on all the financial terrorism in USSA and EUSSR. Hopefully there is a Capital Account version 2 soon.

    • DK says:

      Thank you Sebastian.

      • Sebastian says:

        You’re welcome. Since you mentioned (above) getting back into blogging, you’re could consider making your blog a portal. Like Max Keiser is doing but without (most of) the trolling and ranting like you find there. That was one of the reasons I liked CA much more than Keiser. Anyways, I’m looking forward to new reports/shows of you guys.

  24. Alfie says:

    This situation makes me sad. Yahoo has a reputation, like many Internet companies, of being run by wealthy bozos who do not understand human beings nor even themselves. Utterances from their new female CEO confirmed she is more of the same. Lauren would have done better to stay put, not risk sinking into the Yahoo quicksand, and simply reformulate CA to be more targeted at the lay public. Can she still change her decision?

    • DK says:

      Hi Alfie. I would disagree with you on Yahoo, and I think it’s a great move for Lauren, but also for you guys, because it means another independently minded and smart person goes into the mainstream with an alternative angle. The reality is that the MSM must evolve in order to survive, and part of the way they do that is by brining on people from the alternative media. From there on, it’s really a matter of each party figuring out boundaries. Cenk was at MSNBC but ultimately decided that he was sacrificing too much by staying. I have a feeling that this will not happen to Lauren, in part because Yahoo is less mainstream than CNBC and Bloomberg, and also because the dynamics in financial reporting are different than those in politics and foreign affairs.

      • Alfie says:

        I’d like to see a poll telling what percentage of the public takes the MSM news seriously any more. Geriatrics do, I gather. Lazy thinkers do surely. If Lauren can inject some lucidity into Yahoo’s operations, I’ll applaud her, but increasingly I believe that the 0.01%’s power structure perceives lucid, informed argumentation as a threat. After all, the banks were planning to assassinate Occupy’s leaders. At least there are no Goldman execs on Yahoo’s board of directors, that’s a plus.

        Getting back to Yahoo Finance itself, a quick look has reconfirmed my opinion that the company is crap.
        1. The Yahoo Finance video viewer interface is horrible. It’s a non-animated carousel, which makes no sense.
        2. It doesn’t even give the date of each video.
        3. The Yahoo Finance video viewer doesn’t support HTML5.
        4. Yahoo Finance does not even have a Youtube channel.
        5. There is zero mention that the famous Lauren Lyster has joined them anywhere.

  25. peter em says:

    I just started watching CA in the past 3mo, after about a week I was PVR’ing it to make sure I did not miss an episode. Nearly every episode was enlightening, informative and “on point”. There was no kid gloves on sensitive subject matter and LL went out of her way to explain complex topics in a manner anyone could understand. I found it ironic that only “The Russians” (RT) present “news” while mainstream media only offers scripted “spin”. (if not bold faced lies)

    The 2 of you both “understand” the markets and economics, your insights are fantastic. I will miss the show, I hope you broadcast via “podcast” or youtube and keep the “truth” alive. Would luv to hear why the show is “gone” I understand if someone made a better offer to LL or yourself, I have to think the ratings were good. Your show reminds me of the HBO “The Newsroom” YOU GUYS WERE BETTER. and you will be missed

    Thank you

    Peter em

    • DK says:

      Hi Peter. Thank you for the kind words. I am so happy that you learned so much from the show, and that you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ken Vinson says:

    Demetri and Lauren. I will miss you both so much!

  27. Dennis says:

    No, no, no, this can’t be true! I can’t imagine it. Please stop this nightmare. The best program out there, and it going to die? No. Please no.

    I love you guys. I feel we are made of the same thing and we are so few. There is nothing to keep our like minded community together like you did. You guys kept it in such a perfect balance. You have to keep doing it some how or some where else. You really do have a mission in life to do this. This country needs you and the few of us out here need your leadership. You two are called to this. You have to stay with it. Now our family will be hurt.


    Dennis Stoddard

    • DK says:

      Thank you Dennis. I appreciate your sentiment. It sucks to lose a show like CA, but at the same time, there are so many more opportunities out there for ambitious people in the media space who have a message and a belief in what they are doing. I am excited for the future, and although Capital Account was a tremendous show, i think Lauren and I can do more elsewhere. Hopefully, you can see the results of our labor sooner rather than later!

  28. Hodgheg says:

    AAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHH! I always suspected 2013 might be a bad year financially (not for me, I’m in silver & gold, hence glued to your show, Eric Sprott rocks) and no more Capital Account is a lousy start. Will search you two out for more insightful entertainning and decidedly un-patronising financial wisdom, many thanks for what you gave us and all the best for the future.

    Love, Richard.

    • DK says:

      Thank you Richard. You can always check back here. I will be blogging more regularly, hopefully before too long. Lauren has her debut on Daily Ticker tomorrow. We are both in NY.

  29. Bob Cisneros says:

    Quite a sudden turn of events! Hopefully, we will continue to see your presence on the airwaves. Unlike mainstream media, Capital Account helped me understand finance and economic issues and principles. Always informative and entertaining. Best of luck, and hope to see you and Lauren team up again soon.

    • DK says:

      That means a lot Bob, thank you. We are not going anywhere. Its true that you won’t be able to see Lauren and I on capital account anymore, but we are staying in the business, and are excited about where the industry is going. I think there are going to be lots of opportunities for even better shows in the future.

  30. TraderJohn says:

    Please tell us: WHY ?????????????????? guys were the best.

  31. Phil says:

    I can understand why RT got rid of Adam Kokesh…. but CA was such an outstanding program… one that I listened to daily – RT has now only Max Keiser to keep their audience – then it’s all downhill for them. I doubt you would point an accusing finger @ RT…. but you deserve so much more & I’m sure you will have it without them. I’ll be watching & waiting. Best to you both.

    • DK says:

      Thank you for the kind words Phil! We appreciate the encouragement. Hopefully, I will be blogging on here soon, and Lauren will be hosting her first show on Daily Ticker tomorrow.

  32. Ted Anagnostos says:

    Great show. You will be missed. Good Luck .

  33. Bard says:

    Don’t stop working together!

    Get another network to take on Capital Account as it is without doubt the best financial show on TV, that along with the Keiser Report. Many people are already coming round to your way of thinking. That is evidenced in the rise in popularity of movements like the Move Your Money campaign both here in the UK and in the States.

    Your show makes you realise how far the other networks have gone in pushing the conformist farcical nonsense that the majority of people still consider as the most relevant “news” when nothing could be further from the truth. The coming financial turmoil will make mainstream networks look like idiots!

  34. Adrian says:

    Hello Demitri

    I had this really scary nightmare were Lauren announced CA was finished! Then I realized I was awake and it’s REAL! So lets sum up the situation. Government, Central banks and financial Institutions are totally out of control and all we have left to counter the lies and misinformation is the Kaiser Report. Can we expect Max to make the same announcement soon? Thanks RT, I really need LESS balanced reporting in my life right now.

    • DK says:

      Hi Adrain. I don’t think Max is going anywhere. As for us, this is the right decision, and I’m really excited about what Lauren and I can bring you guys from another network and from other platforms. The future is bright!

  35. Arthur says:

    The show was really superb, I am stunned.
    Come back stronger both of you.
    You will have my support whatever you do.

    • DK says:

      Thank you! That’s very kind of you Arthur, and I do appreciate your support. It means a lot to hear that. Thank you.

  36. Iain Morton says:

    This decision sucks!! RT must BE INSANE to drop CA. It and tKR are the ONLY programmes that deal with finance and the economy in an honest and forthright manner. Are you going to drop tKR? ‘cos if you do then we have no independent voice left on these matters.
    This situation is a real betrayal of all the work that the CA team have done and the insights they have communicated to an appreciative audience.
    RT’s management must have had a few too many over the last few weeks.

    • DK says:

      Thanks Iain. I know it sucks to not have CA, but I promise you that better times are ahead for all of us! I look forward to what I can personally do, now that I won’t be producing CA 20 hrs a day, and Lauren is going to be amazing, just you wait! She has her debut tomorrow on Daily Ticker, and I expect that over the course of a few months she will really outshine the competition!

  37. This is the ONLY show I watch first thing very morning, everyday over here in Taiwan for over a year!
    The two shows, KR and CA, were the only reason why I was following RT.

    Sorry that I never gave a thumbs up nor posted anything until it was too late. You guys may not have received the recognition that you deserve, but trust me, countless people like me have been following your work, but just haven’t taken the time to publicly support you by giving thumbs up or posting any replies in the past.

    Keep up the awesome work and message, the world needs producers and hosts like you folks.

  38. Helen says:

    I am stunned. I have been following you since first seeing you on TKR and think you are brilliant (and very cute of course)! I know any future project of yours will be amazing- you have the golden touch!! You have one loyal follower here :) Love Helen

    • DK says:

      Thanks Helen! I do remember you being a long-time twitter follower of mine so I appreciate the support! It’s great to be doing new things, and its also invigorating to finally be getting more than 4 hrs of sleep a night. :)

  39. Keith P says:


    I agree full heartedly with Gerald Celente’s comment, It’s a huge loss to all of us viewers out there that have had the privillage of viewing this show. I cannot think of another media source that has had so many great guests and really expose the real topics and issues that we have been able to enjoy and learn from. I hope that your future endevours will be just as fruitful.

    and I can’t resist a final thought on the raw milk discussion, I grew up as a child on a farm and had unpasturized “raw” milk many times.(Not in the U.S. so no need to call the authorities) And to speak from experience it’s nothing like what you buy at wal-mart, it is REAL and SAFE, unlike the garbage that is being forced on society thru goverment regulations and control (sound familiar). If you can avoid going to jail in doing so, i reccommend you try it if you haven’t already.

    Best of wishes,


    • DK says:

      Hey Keith. The milk thing was more just me being funny. I am not familiar with the benefits of Raw milk, so I don’t want to knock it. Tell you what, you are not the only one who has raised this issue, so i must try it to see what the hype is all about!

  40. Jc Butte says:

    and one by one, the lights go out. I will really miss this show.

    • DK says:

      Thanks Jc. I’m sorry that you won’t have the show to watch anymore, but hopefully Lauren and I can make an impact in other ways and you won’t be without something valuable to turn to for non-bullshit info before too long!

  41. Marc says:

    Oh No! what the hell?! I’ve been such a huge fan and got so many friends into this show here in the UK its so sad to see another RT show cut off in its prime. First adam vs the man, now our beloved Lauren Lyster :( Best of luck to you both for the future and dont be strangers to the net, you have a global fanbase and I really think it was your critical thinking that sets you apart from all the other financial shows, and word of the day was the best idea in news history! I’m going to go away and cry now My favourite show on earth is finished…*sob

    • DK says:

      Thank you Marc. You can follow what Lauren and I are doing on this blog. I will be blogging soon, and I can always give you guys updates on her status since we are both in NY. She is co-hosting Daily Ticker on YahooFinance

  42. Neil says:

    Best of luck for the future Demetri, still can’t believe the show has ended. It all seems to have happened so suddenly, was this as much a surprise to yourselves as it was to your viewers or have you known for some time?

    You’ll both be missed. Thanks for a great and informative show, I hope RT aren’t losing their nerve.

    • DK says:

      We have known for a while, but we were not allowed to make it public. I wanted to tell you all much sooner, and was dreading the day when we finally had to break the news so suddenly. Thank you for the kind words though, and hopefully you will still be able to follow us wherever we go.

  43. Todd says:

    This is not good!!
    From the idiocy of Mike Norman to the brilliance of Lew Rockwell, your guests where interesting and insightful (well, except M.K.). Lauren Lyster is a star, a lovely, very well-postured star that will certainly appear elsewhere. She is bright, energetic and intelligent.
    I enjoyed your shows and hope you all the best. Thank you for trying something new. It is a shame more people didn’t appreciate it.

  44. Jim says:


    So sorry to hear the show got canned; it and the KR are/were the best. I had not watched anything in years till I saw a reference to it from Phil’s Stock World Favs Dec 2011 and watched it nearly every evening after that. Having been an investor for the last 30+ years, I noticed a growing lack of real financial news and this show truly provided the big picture details of recent markets and for that I am grateful .. so thank you.

    I don’t know if the demise had anything to do with the “verbal narcissist Norm” appearance but when LL told him it was her show “and to stuff it” I thought to myself ‘ought-oh’ someone just made an enemy of an irrational national who doesn’t think his brown banana is less than a pleasing aroma for all to enjoy.

    I will echo Keith P’s comments about milk as I too grew up on a farm and drank un-pasturized “raw” milk for 20+ years; it was delicious as was the cream and butter we use to make from it .. nothing like what we get in
    the stores these days. It is only since government got involved that we have had all these milk issues (about the time you and LL were born).

    If you ever need a contact in Silicon Valley, I’m here for ya.

    Good luck to you both!


    • DK says:

      We left of our own volition, so the show wasn’t canceled. In fact, RT may bring you another version of the show soon (well, another finance show that is, but probably will be substantially different I would imagine with lauren and I). As for the Raw milk, see my comments to Keith ;)

  45. Beauforde Pusser says:

    I am deeply disappointed that Capital Account is over. It was simply the best show of its kind. It was for adults by adults and it respected its audience’s intelligence-a rare thing in today’s dumbed down, hyperbolic and spin-filled media. It was the only broadcast I trusted to present unalloyed opinion free of the intellectual corruption that the mainstream media peddles in.

    Dimitri, I want to personally thank you for Capital Account. In its brief life it became the most relevant financial show on television (and the web). A major achievement. Lauren was brilliant and incisive – and beautiful. I hope you and her go to a proper (major) broadcaster and show the world what an intellectually honest financial show for grownups looks like…because they have no clue. Godspeed to you!

  46. GH says:

    DK , Great job on CA. I said several times that you could learn more from 28 min of CA than all day with the Useless MSM. CA was the only show actually worth watching. LL was not only a great insightful host but obviously a treat to watch as well. CA will be sorely missed. again, thanks and good work. All the best!

  47. DK says:

    Thanks GH. I’m glad you will miss it even though I hate that there isn’t something there that can fill the void. Hopefully we can change that soon. I appreciate the support though :)

  48. oldasiahand says:

    Best damn financial show on TV. Try and watch it where ever I am in the world. I am familiar with the work of many of the contributors but having them quizzed in TV really adds to the value. Good luck to both of you in whatever you do next but you have set the bar awfully high!

  49. Ken says:

    I hope to see you stay active in the field of finance reporting some way or another. It’s obvious you were the “other” brain behind the show. I think you are very good in breaking down things for the audience. Only your delivery on TV could need some improvement (temper!) ;-)

    Best regards & good luck,

  50. Paul Felton says:

    Hi DK, from New Zealand. (Oz is Australia. We have a lot of Kiwis who leave NZ to work in Oz but by doing so they raise the average IQ of both countries. :-)

    I only discovered CA a few weeks ago and was stunned to hear of the shows cancellation. I have watched many financial shows over decades and I was about to tell Lauren that not only is CA the best financial show I have seen but I think she is the best interviewer of any type of show with the CA format. She asks the right questions and ones that I wanted answers to. Please pass this on to her and thanks for your work. I’ll follow you both in the hope that something similar with return in its place.


  51. JASON ONEILL says:

    Hi Lauren,

    I loved your show and I’m very sad to see you leave. I wish you the best and hope to see you soon doing what you do best.

    Maybe you should set up your own Podcast. You have the fan base to be very successful.

    Please don’t sell out and go mainstream, your news was cutting edge and in your face.

    Thanks again for all your handwork,


  52. Patrick Ray-Howett says:

    I have been watching your unique show every week night for a year now.
    One can only wonder what’s behind the shutdown of CA.

    You guys will be missed. Particularly your brave approach to financial and economic issues.
    Maybe a bit too prickly for some.

    Best wishes for your future endevours.

  53. Mike Brown says:

    Hi Demetri,

    Thank you for all of your hard work, integrity and insight in producing Capital Account.
    I am one of the many who lurked on YouTube, watched the show and never made a comment before. Now it’s time to say, “Thank you for all the great shows!” You deserve to be proud of such a consistently powerful, polished production!

    Thank you to Lauren too! She was an intelligent, beautiful, insightful host who clearly understood the subject matter and drew the very best out of her guests.
    I will miss the unique format where your exceptional guests were given enough time and respect to really present some substance, yet were challenged to explain and justify their views too.

    Don’t rush into the next thing. Enjoy the space created by the transition. You have to create space for something beautiful to arise in it. All creativity manifests from stillness and inner silence. Find that and your next direction will be truly powerful and in tune with your life’s true purpose.

    Although sad to see Capital Account close I look forward to whatever you both present next. Life is change, nothing is fixed, just an unfolding arising process . . . an Adventure!

    Enjoy the Adventure, but first, enjoy catching up on your sleep!

    All the best to you both.

    Cheers, mike

  54. Sophie says:

    Hi to the both of you!

    before the word ‘we have a message for you at the end of the show’, on your very last show, all rhetoric definitely led us all to believe that a great 2013 was in store for CA, – and for its viewers. The end of the show only confirmed the worst fears in that promise of a “message”. I now feel as if the Keiser Report, as rich as it may be, is missing an RT arm, and that’s what you brought into the picture. Unless you had set up a show where the two of you would be co-hosting, I feel that for Lauren to have to co-host elsewhere, by others’ rules, is like regressing (even if – I say If! – the pay may be better, and the workload alleviated). I hope that such a thing can happen down the line. Whatever you do, I know that great work is exhausting, but like research, it’s gratifying. Shine your bright lights in a way that does you justice. Can Alyona truthfully be more satisfied now, in a more classic, lackluster type of talk show, where her brilliant wits are hardly visible? Moving on should be about better forums for your expertise and passion to shine through.

    Thank you though and all my best wishes to you!


  55. Dominic Ferszt says:

    How Terribly Sad!

    For over a year Capital Account has informed and enlightened me while redefining my expectations of what financial journalism can deliver. I actually learned to program my PVR manually as the satellite provider doesn’t supply RT program listings here in Africa.

    Lauren’s aesthetic and skillful style may have intrigued me sufficiently that I paused my channel surfing on an obscure news network one day, but it was content, rather than presentation, that kept me coming back. The sudden termination of the show has got us all abuzz, while the gracious humility of your comments here stands apart from your punchy rhetoric on screen. We’d all love to know what happened, but mostly we’re hoping a powerful patron provides you with the budget and editorial freedom you need to continue defining the future of financial reporting.

    Thank you and good luck

    Cape Town

  56. RiCONdo says:

    What a truly sad day. This was the only show that had anything resembling financial journalism.

    yahoo? come on. A glance at stock ownership tells you everything you need to know. If she wants to make the same impact as on RT she will sooner or later find out that money does speak and if she disturbs this agenda (or advertising dollars or anything thats effecting the bottom line of the company) she will be out in no time- follows that the programm if it survives will be meaningless as everything on MSM.

    RIP CA

  57. James says:

    I caught Lauren on Yahoo! Daily Ticker sandwitched between Jeff Mackie and Aaron Task blabbing about AAPL. It looked like two dweebs and a tweet. RUFKM…?!!!

    Ok. Capital Account i dead and gone. But…reallly? This???!!!!!

    If Lauren does this bit a couple more times her nascent and budding career is over and done with IMHO.

  58. Avatar says:

    Dear Demetri,

    Having watched so many episodes of Capital Account, it never crossed my mind that the show would be closed in 2013. Your show was an exemplary one with in depth interviews with interesting guests such as James Grant, Jim Rogers, Karl Denninger, Reggie Middleton, just to name a few. It was really informative and opened up another view point into the world economy, investing and monetary policy. It also helped to pique my interest in reading blogs and/or books by these authors. Nothing helps to motivate one to read these dense books more than seeing the actual authors discussing and presenting their view points in an interview!

    I find it very sad that the Capital Account show is closed since there are very few (I think I count less with one hand) shows that offer an in-depth, realistic and independent show on the economy without all the PR b/s. I just want to thank you and Lauren for all the great shows during your run and hope both of you will go on to bigger and better things in the future.

    All the best and will be checking your blog from time to time for some good news!

  59. Ross says:

    Come on D …. TV sucks now. Without CA, Max is still cool, Maybe you could help breaking the set cheer up a bit and not be quite so earnest…… I miss the in depth economic analysis, and people talking sense, amid all the clatter and nonsense… Get another tv project going!!! Maybe a low budget youtube channel?

  60. Peter Higgs says:

    Without Capital Account, – there is no reason anymore to watch TV – I’ll quit doing from now on there no point – what a sad day for the world!

    I hope you guys could reconsider you decision to shut the the show..
    Capital Account, has and is by the best an most honest and informative show that has been aired for a long time.

    You guys will truly be missed lie and old friend that has past away.
    Thank you for your great work and effort that you guys have put into informing the general public. God bless you all at RT.

  61. phil says:

    I knew it was too good to last! The question is, where do I go now for insightful, intelligent analysis, in a desert of MSM? Thanks DK and LL.

  62. Brian says:

    I am so disappointed that you two have decied to end such a fabulous educational show. It is very uncommon in todays news to find intellegance and truth. You have it and now they are buying you out. Why? You could have kept the pressure on them and have increased your viewership easily. You know full well what I am talking about. The question is why? You will look back at this decision some day and say to yourself — Why did I do this? I as well as many many others really miss your daily report.

  63. Fil says:

    Loved this show!
    All the best Demetri with your future endeavours.
    As corny as it may sound, shows like Capital Account may well change the course of history for the better!!

  64. Brett says:

    What a sad loss, almost like a friend has died. Thanks Demetri and to all those who worked with you on the show for such a great effort and yes I will miss Lauren, a beautiful lady with intelligence to match. Kia Kaha.

  65. Antono Jaromin says:

    To be honest, I think that rather Goldman Sachs an JPMorgan bribed somebody in RT, ti shut you up..
    Otherwise you will be back, by now..
    I miss your show..


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